How to scale your business?

Scale your business

In my last blog, I had written about what you can do, as a profession, while you work from home. 

With everyone quarantines; situation is tough; but the good news is that we will get through this lockdown & Covid-19 phase. There is an opportunity available for everyone who is open to adopt changes.

Once you have decided on what services to provide(If not, here is small guide). Here are few tips on how to scale your business

  • Tip One: Networking

Meet/ Interact new people, not just in your domain but from different domain which you do have very little idea about.

  • Tip Two: Go digital

– Use social media platform, they can help you reach new people.

– Build a website: With many business unable to operate offline, it is more important then ever to have an online presence

Yahoo Small Business is giving away a free (Yes FREE) Domain, Website, five Business Email addresses till June 30, 2020; to those who would like to start a small business or build an online presence

Start today and take advantage of this incredible offer by clicking the link below.

Take me to Yahoo Small Business

Development of website is easy; you can use lot of online platforms, like html, php, python, etc. For a beautiful, hassle free professional website, you can contact us for any help.

  • Tip Three: Hire a Good CA

One can’t do all things perfectly; it is better to find a professional for these critical, statutory things. Things get simpler & you can focus on your core business.

I have S Y Lodha and Associates as my professional partners. You can find them here.

Or you can also connect with Precise Corporate Solutions.

  • Tip Four: Learn Learn Learn

Always invest in yourself. Keep yourself abreast with the local news.In this era, technology is changing at a very fast pace.

Let me know what tip was useful for you to scale your business, while work from home; in the comment section below. Do share the suggestion/queries/feedback; I will be happy to help you.

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